Friday, 21 December 2012

Free energy for a Greener world

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I wanted to start by thanking you for viewing my blog, and hope you enjoy what you find and learn as well as have questions and comments concerning this blog or anything else you might want to  ask me; all comments and questions are welcomed-- well, comments and questions which are deemed appropriate.

I started this blog to make people aware of this new 'invention'; and to state it's purpose as well as drawing feedback and highlighting the positive impact it could have on the environment and peoples perception of the direction we as a civilization are heading.

To introduce you to the invention; which I have listed/named as... well it's on the title of the blog. I felt the name is apt as it lists all it's key functions.
The invention which I am calling an engine (produces electricity) and uses no input but expresses maximum output (of which is just electricity).

There are many applications to this; chief amongst which is to power the world without creating any Carbon Dioxide (CO2); using this machine we could combat climate change without having to strive too far from our daily routine.  
(However, I feel I should mention how recycling unwanted material is always good; and is all of our responsibility-- after all, trees are a valuable part of the global environment; and without plantation our world would be inhabitable.)

Other such objectives this could be used for is to power cars which would require no fuel...

I feel I should mention it's history, or at least the history of it's creation. I had started with the fact that many of the greatest minds throughout history have tried to create/design a mechanism which could be used to develop unlimited electrical energy without limitations to power the world; some have even claimed this particular feat impossible and had given up. So naturally, I felt that in doing this I would be able to prove myself in this particular field of which this concerns; so I decided to give it a moments thought. I started with the principals it works by. This process took a few years to develop; but once I had devised a mechanism I thought would certifiably work; I needed to build the machine/engine to see if it would be as it is designed. I started this with a budget of naught - or at least a very small budget. having collected the materials over time, I built the machine, or it's smaller equivalent and have recorded the experiment which I have put up on this blog as well as on YouTube: the link can also be found on this blog.

The video has been distorted to protect mechanisms of the 'engines' design from being 'borrowed' indefinitely. The video highlights the on-goings of the engine as it happens. Although the equipment used to create the machine are not visible, it states the fact that the engine can be used to power things; in this particular instance I used light bulbs to show this. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Please tell me what you think on the comments section, if you have anything to ask me, or would like to know more in general; thank you.
As aforementioned, please do comment on this blog entry with any questions or comments you may have as well as if you have anything to ask me, or would like to know more in general; and please follow the YouTube link provided for more information I have not mentioned here - I would be grateful if you would subscribe to the channel. 

I am pleased to say that I am currently in contact with Earthwatch Institute, a charitable organisation who work to raise awareness for environmental concerns; and who help to make the environment cleaner and greener for everyone. Please visit their website and support their